Feeling the“OO” in my Oofos slides

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Oofos ooahh sport project pink sandals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

I been soo excited about these sandals and when Bibrave gave an awesome opportunity I hopped on it! I’ve seen runners all the time after races pull these out these awesome recovery sandals and I always wondered what’s the hype?!?

Project pink sandals

First thoughts!

When I got my package I was so excited to open them up, no lie I really thought they were going to be some type of cheap rubber material but no they are super strong and durable. I was like ok let’s try them on. Let me just say it felt like I was walking on clouds! That’s because their sandals absorbs 37% impact from your step. Meaning instead of everything going straight to the bottom in one place of your foot, it takes that impact and spreads it out!

I think I spent the next two days walking around the house in them and refused to take them off. My foot had been aching some due to me needing new shoes and I found these were sooo comfortable.

The fit

I typically wear a size 8 in regular shoes, and 8.5 in running, I opted for a size 8 and they fit my feet perfectly! On their website they suggest going a size up if you are a half size.

Project pink

For every pair of Oofos ordered in their website, they donate 3% to the Dana Farber breast cancer research team. Breast cancer is something a lot of people don’t really take serious and it’s import to check yourself monthly to make sure things are okay. If you aren’t sure how to check yourself or feel there may be something wrong, I urge you to reach out to your doctor.

To read more about project pink click the link. https://www.oofos.com/pages/project-pink-new

My overall thoughts.

These sandals have been a absolute game changer especially after long runs. My friend has a paid and told me to make sure to pick my feet up as you forget they are on and you may trip over yourself and it’s the truth. I will forget i have them on, one day i pulled up to my gym and was like oops haha had to drive back to my house and grab my shoes. So maybe i should get some of their other shoes. I love these sandals so much, anytime I can wear them, I have them on my feet. They have so many types of sandals and so many types of shoes and hopefully I will be able to order me some more. I never want to take my slides off. After my long runs I’m always eager to get them on. I love these sandals soo much and I always remember to bring them in the car with me after my long runs. I get so excited to throw a pair on my feet! You won’t regret your purchase of any pair, especially since a portion goes to helping find a cure.

So have you started feeling the oo yet?

10 thoughts on “Feeling the“OO” in my Oofos slides”

  1. I literally request that my husband brings my OOFOS for me after every race now! I just can’t live without them. I love that you can wear this particular style well into the fall, since you can wear them with socks!


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